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I'm so glad you are here. I'm so glad that you are interested in creativity. As the title of my eBook says, creativity will help you relieve your stress. However, that's not all creativity  does. It  will also....

    • Rejuvenate you
    • Add color to your life (especially to your nails when working 🙂
    • Give a stronger focus and richness to your days PLUS..
    • Help you get rid of your perfectionistic tendencies. (Which some people call this their inner critic)

If you are one of those people who has always said "Me? I can't draw a straight line...with a ruler"  or "Me, I am soooo not creative", (but, wish you were) then know this....

Creativity has a big fat zero to do with drawing skills. There are many very successful artists who don't have very good drawing skills. You can be very creative and not know how to make a realistic drawing and on the flip side you can be a very skilled artist with great copying skills without much creativity.

So what's this site about :

A little while back I got involved with  reigniting my own dormant creativity. In my research I stumbled across what I found to be the best type of creative activities for giving you all those wonderful benefits I just quoted. Those are mixed media art activities.

If you are already knee deep in paint and gel medium then  I don't have to explain anything but,  if you are just hearing about mixed media or have heard about it but, are not clear what it is then a short explanation is in order.

MIXED MEDIA:​ Art that uses all sorts of  art materials,  and techniques  to create an art piece. This can be abstract, realistic or somewhere in between. Acrylics, watercolors, oil pastes, inks, gel pens, markers, stickers, ribbons, & found materials are just some of the materials used to paint, doodle, color, stamp, stencil, collage, assemble creating your own, fun, colorful, evocative, wonderful pieces of artwork.

The reason I have become a true convert of  mixed  media  is because of its benefits and its forgiving nature.​ Mixed media art allows you  to create, experiment and play without worrying about getting things "right". You experiment and have fun and it  is a marvelous way to reduce stress and get rid of your perfectionistic tendencies. (aside from the enjoyment of it)

There are many wonderful mixed media artists, books and websites. Since I  have only recently started my own creative journey (you can read more about it here) I want to help you on yours. 

I have added a number of basic mixed media type of activities to  my category of mixed media topics . These posts are some of the basic activities that make up many of the more advanced mixed media projects. You can take a look at these mixed media topics to get an idea of what mixed media is all about. I also have a category of ideas that can inspire of some of my own artwork.

To join my community the best way to begin is by downloading my free eBook​ listed above. You will then be on my list to receive notification when there is a new post and anything else that will help you unlock or just continue the creativity that is lurking within. You  may also want to follow me on Instagram which is the place that I post a picture every day of the random art projects I am working on along with other art and mixed media related stuff.

I look forward to sharing my continuing journey with you and helping you on yours.​

Enjoy your creative journey!​