I'm so glad you are here. I'm so glad that you are interested in creativity.  You may be at any point in your creative journey.

You may be knee deep in paint and glue or you may be just dipping your toes in the creative world. 

Whatever level you're at, there is no doubt that you've reached a point sometime where you felt a creative block. If that's true than you may want to begin by checking out my FREE email course on Unblocking Your Blocked Creativity or else you can just start looking through this site.

So what's this site about :

A little while back I got involved with  reigniting my own dormant creativity. In my research I stumbled across what I found to be the best type of creative activities for giving you  many wonderful  benefits.

  1. Less stress and more relaxation
  2. Freedom from perfectionsim
  3. An amazing creative outlet
  4. Pure fun...(These are all just to name a few)

This type of art is mixed media or often referred to as art journaling.

If you already know what gel medium is and ephemera then  I don't have to explain anything but,  if you are just hearing about these types of materials and activities then let me explain. 

MIXED MEDIA:​ Art that uses all sorts of  art materials,  and techniques  to create an art piece. This can be abstract, realistic or somewhere in between. Acrylics, watercolors, oil pastes, inks, gel pens, markers, stickers, ribbons, & found materials are just some of the materials used to paint, doodle, color, stamp, stencil, collage, assemble etc.in creating your own, fun, colorful, evocative, wonderful pieces of artwork.

These mixed media art works are often done in an art journal.​

The reason I have become a true convert of  mixed  media and art journaling   is because of its benefits I explained above and its forgiving nature.​ Mixed media art allows you  to create, experiment and play without worrying about getting things "right". This is the most freeing kind of art you can do and its benefits spill over into other areas of your life.

There are many wonderful mixed media artists, books and websites. Since I  have only recently started my own creative journey (you can read more about it here) I want to help you on yours. 

I have 3 sections on mixed media  so far

  1. Mixed media topics​- Posts about the basic building blocks in mixed media and art journaling
  2. How To- Short, simple how to posts
  3. Ideas to Inspire- Some of my own work that may inspire yours

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I look forward to sharing my continuing journey with you and helping you on yours.​

Enjoy your creative journey!​