Art was never  my thing growing up, even though I did love art supplies.

I loved kids and photography so I became an early childhood educator and a portrait photographer, but not an artist 'cuz who knew what to do with those art supplies I loved. I was never looked at as an artist (except by my Mom of course).

I stumbled across mixed media art while doing research on creativity for another website and I was hooked.

After spending much time learning and practicing this craft I learned that it’s never too late to take up art and you don’t need an art school degree do so either. You don’t have to be a fine artist when you can be a fun artist.

If you love crafts, art, art supplies or all of the above then more than anything I want you to be able to tap into your natural, innate creativity  that was most probably squashed in school.

I want to help you discover the magic of mixed media art (a combination of many types of arts and crafts that allows you to create without worrying about getting it “right” or messing up).

It’s the perfect outlet for those who love crafting and art supplies, but just don’t know what to do with them.

I'd love for  you to join me on this journey of creating fun art.

My students have said that I am passionate and excited when teaching, but it’s simply because I just love what I do.

As a former photographer and early childhood educator, I understand the balance between wanting to be creative, yet feeling uncreative at the same time.

Since I changed career directions later in life I am well suited to guide you in your  new artistic endeavors and have a few ways I can do so.

To hear about new mixed media classes in the 5 Towns or Brooklyn areas sign up for notifications. You can also contact me to arrange your own special art party with your friends. To begin your journey feel free to download my free email course “Unblocking Your Blocked Creativity” and let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook

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Joanna says September 21, 2016

Really enjoyed reading this and following your work on Instagram. I so agree with your words on the myths of art and being an artist.


    Faigie says September 21, 2016

    Thank you so much Jo. I do see your various comments that you leave for me on Instagram and I really appreciate it. Are you an artist? An artist in training? An artist wannabe?

      Jo says September 28, 2016

      I guess I’ve always been an artist of some kind but it’s taken me a long time to call myself one. I’ve also been a dancer and musician – the performing arts have always been present in my life.Art is my passion right now but I do not make my living being an artist.


        Faigie says October 27, 2016

        I don’t think you have to make a living from art to be called an artist, it’s a great passion. Enjoy!

Laverne says October 6, 2016

Hi I am an artist wanna be! I enjoyed reading your bio and feel encouraged!

    Faigie says October 27, 2016

    Thanks so much Laverne. I also still feel like I’m an artist wannabe. We just have to show up and actually do the work. (though its really not work:)

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