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How to Make Your Own Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for adults are all the rage. All you have to do is walk into any Michael's or even Walmart's to see the plethora of coloring books for adults that are available.

I did a post on adult coloring ​a few months back with many ideas for coloring but, this post is just a bit more detail on how to put together a coloring page on your own. Below is the page I show in that post. (the background is black paint which I painted in after coloring in the designs and I then added the white designs)

homemade coloring page

Coloring is very relaxing but, if you make the pages yourself it gets to be creative as well.

There are a few different types of stencils that you can use to create your page. The first is these inexpensive, cardboard stencils that you can get in most large stores that have a craft section.

square cardboard design stencils

The second is any kind of store bought plastic stencil including these homemade flower stencils.

homemade plastic flower stencils

These shapes are cardboard templates that you trace around as opposed to drawing inside the shape with stencils.

cardboard homemade templates

You can also use craft punchers to create stencils. When you punch a hole with the punches you can use the hole it makes as a stencil.

stencils created with punch art
craft punches

You can use a regular pen to outline the shapes of the stencil or a thin black marker.

creating designs with stencils

You can make your page a bunch of random shapes with no order to it or..

page full of designs created with stencils for coloring

you can do a bunch of overlapping shapes that makes the design very cohesive. (the blue is the shadow from the light when I took the picture)

For the page below I decided to use a combination of stencils and templates.

creating a coloring page with stencils and templates

After I drew it out I colored the background in with a koi marker. (I absolutely love those markers)

coloring in coloring page created with stencils and templates

I thought I was going to use a combination of markers and pens to color it in but, the problem is that some pens take too long too fill in the space and some are too large to get around small spaces.

So,  I basically used the koi markers except for the yellow which was some kind of creamy, distress crayon that I bought in a local discount store.​

colored in homemade coloring page created with stencils and templates

Page embellished with my white signo uniball pen. (the best white pen for writing over anything)

designs added to homemade coloring page

I decided to start a new page by painting the background before I made the designs so that I wouldn't have to take so much time coloring in the background.

starting a new journal page with some paint
plain painted journal page

I decided to go with a flower motif with a combination of my larger homemade flower stencils and smaller store bought ones.

flower stencils
flower stenciled background

After I finished the design I said Hey! I don't have to color these designs in, I can paint them in and that is exactly what I did.

colored in flower stenciled background

So there you have it. Not only a coloring page but, a self made paint by number page, without the numbers of course. 🙂

I wonder if you are an aficionado of coloring books would you find the challenge of making your own page overwhelming? ​

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