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Birds by the wall

mixed media art created with stencil of wall through dishwasher rack and birds on vellum

I started this piece without any idea of what I was going to do. All I knew was that I had this cool piece from an old dishwasher rack that I saved from the trash wanted to use. 

  • I lay that piece on my background and dabbed a grayish paint through the holes
  • It didn't come out so defined so I ended up drawing around some of the rectangles.
  • I realized it looked like a wall and took it from there. I decided to add branches with this paper that looked like bark.
  • Took a calendar that had pictures of birds, copied 2 of them onto vellum and pasted them onto the branches.
  • Added hand drawn leaves and added veins with white signo uni ball pen
  • Finished it up with some sponge painting on the background and some flower and butterfly stamps.

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