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Inspired by Birgit Koopsen

mandala in journal page with ripped deli paper and black marker

For this inspirational piece I used the technique in a totally different way that the artist Birgit did. She used this technique to decorate a piece of furniture, a stool. I just used the exact same technique to fill up a double journal spread.I started by painting 2 pieces of deli paper 2 different colors. […]

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Inspired by Rachel Greig

coffee backgroud with neutrals and stamp of boy fishing

This piece was a perfect example of not having most of the materials that the artist Rachel Greig had when she did her video yet, making do anyway.Her example was a vintage looking piece. She started by putting 3 different shades of brown distress ink onto a mat, wetting it and then putting a piece of […]

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Inspired by Jodi Ohl

imaginary girl with ufo's in background

Jodi Ohl is a master at whimsical creatures so her video was all about creating a whimsical creature using certain media.This was realllllly out of my comfort zone. I’m trying to go through most of the videos and try something from each artist, but I almost skipped this one because it was so intimidating. Instead […]

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On Inspiration

writing with skewer on black styrofoam tray

You must think that is a really weird picture to put up on a post about inspiration. You’re probably right but, it was the beginning of a light bulb that went off in my head about inspiration so I figured I’d start with that.I was spending time at my daughters, helping her out after she […]

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Inspired by Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw is one of the first artists I watched online when diving into mixed media so she has a special place in my heart.Her work is very abstract and I’m not sure if in the beginning of my journey that I could have allowed myself to go create freely through the process without […]

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Inspired by Jimmy Leslie

flower picture using modeling paste

This was an interesting inspiration because the what inspired me here was the use of a material. Jimmy Leslie did not create a piece from start to finish but, just encouraged us to use certain materials. One of them was modeling past, pushing it through stencils and I decided to go with that idea.I started […]

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Inspired by Mystele Kirkeeng

painted lady with hat behind fence

This is my second piece done from inspiration from Creative Jumpstart 2017. The artist was Mystele Kirkeeng and her style is a folk art mashup. She basically collaged all kinds of materials onto her background and them painted over them  using a face as a focal point. She instructed us to see what we can […]

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Inspired by Marsha Valk

black painted background with space like paintings on top

This was a REAL jumpstart for me.I joined Creativity Jumpstart 2017 for the first time. It is a paid course with 24 artists presenting each day. All of us who joined are encouraged to create based on inspiration from the artist of that particular video/day.Today was the first day and I enjoyed watching the video […]

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Free at last

mixed media free at last

This piece took me a couple of weeks to create. I actually got this assignment from a magazine that my husband works for with the title to be Free at Last. (In the ​final piece I took the words off) It was to be a mixed media piece.I thought long and hard about what I wanted to […]

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Birds by the wall

mixed media wall with stencil birds on vellum

I started this piece without any idea of what I was going to do. All I knew was that I had this cool piece from an old dishwasher rack that I saved from the trash wanted to use.  I lay that piece on my background and dabbed a grayish paint through the holesIt didn’t come […]

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