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Using cleaners tickets as an ephemera background

So do you even know what an ephemera background is? What a word right?Ephemera means as seen in Wikipedia “written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved. The word derives from the Greek, meaning things lasting no more than a day”. These include any junk mail, receipts, old letters, lists, tickets, posters, letters […]

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Stencilled Doodles

This idea is a great combination for those of you that love to doodle but, need more of a structure for it. The image below is what it looked like before the doodles. I got this idea from Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl Products. I picked 2 analogous colors (that are next to each […]

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Paint, stamp, cut & paste

This idea was taken from the book Paint ´╗┐Mojo by Tracy Verdugo. Below is what it looked liked before the pieces were cut up and mounted. Its very similar to the piece I did in paint, stamp cut and paste where you just play with materials and when you’re done you create something beautiful. I […]

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Make a mess & paint around it

I got this idea from a video I saw done with Dina Wakely. I first did this using the simple shape of a flower as seen below but, after it was done I liked the idea so much I decided to use a bit more of an elaborate image to paint around. The idea of […]

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Collage it on newspaper

This idea for this piece (which was my first sold piece)came from a handout from a cloth paper scissors download from Jenny Cochran Lee. I liked the quote and I decided that using glasses for this particular technique would go with the quote. You can use any type of object to collage onto. I used […]

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