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Stamped and Painted Landscapes

For this class we painted backgrounds in the art journals using landscape pictures to learn how to divide up the space. Skies, lakes, mountains and fields were all painted in with watercolors.Everyone chose a landscape that they were going to basically follow.We then used an assortment of homemade stamps to add trees, other foliage, boats […]

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Stenciling on Stenciling

Everyone started by picking a color scheme with variations on that color. We then started with pattern stencils. Everyone chose a patterned stencil and one color and filled their spread with it.Step 2 was to  take a second stencil and a second color that we chose and stencil on top of the first pattern. After […]

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Words in Art

The challenge for this project was just as its title says: To use words in art. We first made backgrounds a week before by getting lots of juicy paint onto the background and then squishing wax paper on top of it and allowing it to dry that way.When it was dry we peeled it off […]

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Craft Puncher Collages

I was inspired to do this by an artist I follow on Instagram by this post of hers.  I didn’t follow it exactly but, I took the main idea. I gave the women an assortment of craft punchers to use along with lots of plain and patterned papers. I showed them the idea I liked […]

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Painting and masking

This class is usually a beginning class in art journaling  to get everyone used to many of the processes used in art journaling. This is an activity I often do at my art parties.We used stencils to create marks, we added watered down paint and dripped it down our pages, we stamped with bottle covers […]

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Fabric with tissue paper pictures

We started by cutting up pieces of fabric and gluing them onto the journal spread backgrounds. Did you even know that spread glue or matte medium on a page is relaxing? 🙂We looked for images to use in books, old calendars and flower printouts.They then traced their images with black marker onto white tissue paper […]

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