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How to Store Your Stencils

stencils on stencil rack

I’m pretty sure I saw this idea for stencil storage in a video by Carolyn Dube. I think it’s pure genius. The best thing about it is that you have a place to put your stencils after using them when they are wet. They used to get stuck to each other or on the table and […]

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How to Make Your Own Adult Coloring Pages

coloring page

Coloring pages for adults are all the rage. All you have to do is walk into any Michael’s or even Walmart’s to see the plethora of coloring books for adults that are available.I did a post on adult coloring ‚Äča few months back with many ideas for coloring but, this post is just a bit […]

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How to make an image transfer with packing tape

image transfer of jelly fish

I’ve always thought of image transfers as being a complicated process and they can be depending on what technique you use. I once tried it will gel medium and it took quite a while as I had to  let layers of gel  dry in between coats. So it was with great delight that I discovered […]

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How to make rubbing stamping activites more efficient

rubber stamps of flowers

I don’t know how many stamps you have but, my collection has been growing and I never seem to remember what I have in which drawer. (I keep them in a movable  plastic cabinet with 3 drawers). When I noticed the idea somewhere of how to keep a record of your stamps I thought it […]

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