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22 Adult Coloring and Doodling Activities

homemade coloring page

Doodle designs and coloring books for adults…what’s the difference? Coloring books for adults are all the rage in case you haven’t noticed. Wherever I go I see more and more adult colouring books. Even though doodling & doodle designs is also very popular it has not spawned the type of industry adult coloring has  along with […]

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Printmaking made easy

Have you ever experienced printmaking? Are you even clear what it is? If we put aside technical terms like etching, woodcuts, lithographs, screen printing, engraving, first editions and limited editions  we can talk about my definition of printmaking and how it translates to simple, fun printmaking activities you can do to have fun and make […]

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No Art Inspiration? Make Backgrounds

collage of backgrounds

13 fun, intuitive, relaxing activities to make backgrounds and collage material  You want to do art but, you’re not inspired OR you just don’t know where to start. Especially when you don’t think that you are creative. Making backgrounds is the ideal way to really loosen up and have some fun. It will help you […]

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Creative Collage Ideas

flower and vase collage on old book pages

Your content here… Collage ideas are everywhere. That’s if you understand what a collage is. To define collage we can say that a collage is a  piece of artwork made by gluing bits of paper and fabrics to some kind of background like paper, cardboard or canvas. They can be abstract or very realistic.Collage can […]

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Stamping in mixed media

Rubber stamping has been around for a really long time.There are probably thousands of rubber stamps on the market with books and classes showing you how to use them. I used to think that there was no creativity in using rubber stamps. I mean how creative can you get when you are using an image […]

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Stencil Art: Using Stencils in Mixed Media

flower stencils

Stencil art? Aren’t stencils those uncreative things that allows you to make the same image over and over again by painting or coloring through them? Yup! That’s what stencils are and for a very  long time I could not imagine that  you could really use stencils for art.  As a matter of fact you couldn’t pay […]

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Art Journal: What’s That?

What is an art journal An art journal is not the same as a regular traditional journal. That’s why it took me a while to start using one. I thought an art journal meant that I  had to keep a record of my thoughts, ideas and dreams like people do in a regular journal using art. Since […]

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