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Collage it on newspaper

newspaper background with collaged glasses and quote

This idea for this piece (which was my first sold piece)came from a handout from a cloth paper scissors download from Jenny Cochran Lee. I liked the quote and I decided that using glasses for this particular technique would go with the quote. You can use any type of object to collage onto.

  • I used an 11x14 piece of bristol board
  • I ripped up pieces of newspaper, covered the board with matte medium  and then put the ripped up pieces of newspaper on top of the board covering it completely. I usually put the medium under and then over the stuff I am gluing.
  • To get the glasses,  I copied my glasses into a simple line drawing onto tagboard. You can use printouts from the computer for any item you want to use. I did it 3 times since I had enough space for 3 pairs of glasses and then cut out the glasses.
  • I took a whole bunch of scrapbooking papers and cut them into little squares.
  • I then covered each of the glasses with these papers. I watched the color placement so there would be balance. (the papers were all sticking out)
  • When the glasses were dry, I cut around the edges that were sticking out, with a sharp scissors, which gave it a very  nice finished look , arranged them on the background and then glued them down.
  • To add the quote I  picked a  font that I liked from my computer and  typed  out the quote  in large letters  in the size I thought looked right,. I then took a piece of deli paper and traced over the typed words with a black thin marker. I then glued it to the background. The deli paper faded into the background and you were only able to see the words.

Pinnable image below

If you have any questions on my process please ask in the comments below.

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