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Fabric with tissue paper pictures

We started by cutting up pieces of fabric and gluing them onto the journal spread backgrounds. Did you even know that spread glue or matte medium on a page is relaxing? 🙂

We looked for images to use in books, old calendars and flower printouts.

They then traced their images with black marker onto white tissue paper (or deli paper) and cut around the image as close as possible. I actually told them not to worry about cutting too detailed as they would be able to paint around the tissue paper that was left.

Turns out it was a mistake as you were able to see the tissue paper left in a few of the pieces. I  just wanted to spare them the tedium of detail cutting.

They then positioned their pieces and pasted them on top of the the fabric backgrounds.

They were able to go over the outlines again with marker and then painted around their pictures with watered down acrylic paint so they could still see plenty of the background through the paint.

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