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How to make an image transfer with packing tape

clear packing tape

I've always thought of image transfers as being a complicated process and they can be depending on what technique you use. I once tried it will gel medium and it took quite a while as I had to  let layers of gel  dry in between coats.

So it was with great delight that I discovered this simple, easy way to make image transfers using packing tape as seen above.

newspaper image of jellyfish

I went through my stash of pictures that I have from newspapers and magazines and chose one of a jellyfish from a children's non glossy magazine.

image of newspaper image of jellyfish with packing tape

Even though you can't see it very well here, what I did was cover the whole image, facing up to the tape with packing tape. It doesn't matter if you overlap a bit but, it will make for a cleaner look if you try to line it up right after each piece.

coveiring newslpaper image with packing tape

After its all taped you need to burnish it. Of course, if you have a bone folder that works great but, it not just find something smooth. As you see I used the sides of a scissors. I then trimmed around the edge removing all extra tape.

soaking newspaper image covered with packing tape soaking in water

When its burnished well, put it into a pot or container of water. Make sure its large enough to fit the whole image. When its been in for a few minutes, lift it out and start rubbing the paper part off of the tape. If it doesnt go easily put it back in the water and leave it there for a few more minutes.

removing back of newspaper image for image transfer

Keep rubbing until all of the paper is removed.

You will then have the image transferred to the tape that you can use as to add to a piece of artwork as a collage piece.

I placed it against a window so you can see how translucent it became.

iimage transfer of jellyfish with packing tape

And then laid it over an invoice I had lying around so you can see how well you can see the wording on the paper through the transferred image.

image transfer on paper

Contact paper is another way to do this type of transfer which I have tried yet, I find that the tape works better as the adhesion is stronger.

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