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Inspired by Birgit Koopsen

For this inspirational piece I used the technique in a totally different way that the artist Birgit did. She used this technique to decorate a piece of furniture, a stool. I just used the exact same technique to fill up a double journal spread.

I started by painting 2 pieces of deli paper 2 different colors. (I actually forgot to photograph the purple and yellow that I did so here are 2 pictures from a student of mines deli paper). After each piece was painted (I used an old credit card), I stenciled onto each paper with the opposite color. On my yellow paper I stenciled purple and on my purple paper I stenciled yellow. (I used a few shades of each color)​

When dry, I ripped up the pieces of deli paper and also found similar colors in a magazine to add to my stash. I then filled my whole journal spread by gluing all of those papers to it.

I then took various size circles using pot covers, cups and whatever I found around (one of which was scalloped)and  made a number of larger and smaller circles and then filled in with a permapaque marker and white uniball signo gel pen.(If you want to try this yourself you can google radial designs to get ideas for what to put in your circles.

I can easily see myself trying this at one point on some furniture, but since I didn't have any available I love the way it looks in this journal page.

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Cath says January 25, 2017

Love the colours you used, the finished piece is great 🌟

    Faigie says January 25, 2017

    Cath, you’re amazing. I think you get the prize for commenting on the most entries

Birgit Koopsen says February 22, 2017

This looks awesome Faigie! Happy you liked my video! 🙂

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