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Inspired by Rachel Greig

mixed media journal page using stamp of boy fishing and neutral tones

This piece was a perfect example of not having most of the materials that the artist Rachel Greig had when she did her video yet, making do anyway.

Her example was a vintage looking piece. She started by putting 3 different shades of brown distress ink onto a mat, wetting it and then putting a piece of watercolor paper on top of it. I ​had no distress ink so used the only one brown pad of ink that I had. She then used stencils with the different brown colors in a few different places. I again used the same brown ink for my stencil.

She then ripped up book pages for collage pieces and edged them with brown distressed crayon and blended them in...I had no distressed crayon (but, did I get distressed? Indeed not)​ and  I used some brown playcolor paint stick that I had instead.

She stamped with a script and a texture stamp onto the page (which I did have) and then chose a focal image.

I chose a cute stamp that I had, stamped in on card stock​, backed it with some sewing pattern paper and then since I did not have a sewing machine to use, I made brown little dashes all around the places she said to stitch. (I'll bet you can't even tell it's not a real sewing machine stitch)

I then took this piece  and pasted it into my newer, smaller art journal where it fit perfectly.​

And how about that...if you didn't see Rae's piece I'll bet you'd think this was perfect...right?​

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Cath S says January 23, 2017

Love that you achieved it without having lots of the supplies. I’ve been taking the same tac. I think yours turned out great.

    Faigie says January 24, 2017

    We may have no choice if we don’t want to go bankrupt buying supplies 😜

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