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Inspired by Catherine Scanlon

This project was simple and fun to do. I started by covering my page with ripped pieces of paper from a book. I then divided the page up into sections with a black marker.

Each section got its own pattern also in black marker.

I then drew a small flower pot, some flowers in it and painted all the negative space around it. (Catherine drew some large individual flowers for her demo)

To color in the flowers and the pot I used my new recollections watercolor crayons. Colored a bit and then ran a wet brush over the crayon which kind of makes it into watercolor paint. This way it was still translucent with the patterns showing through.

The truth is that if I do this activity again, I may just leave the inside the way it was without coloring it in as I like it better that way. I can always then add more stuff to the outside areas.

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Cath says January 30, 2017

Love the way the mark making shows in the flowers 👍🏻

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