Inspired by Jimmy Leslie -
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Inspired by Jimmy Leslie

mixed media journal page offlower stencils made with joint compound

This was an interesting inspiration because the what inspired me here was the use of a material. Jimmy Leslie did not create a piece from start to finish but, just encouraged us to use certain materials. One of them was modeling past, pushing it through stencils and I decided to go with that idea.

I started by painting a journal page with this gorgeous blue paint from ranger that I had just bought​. (The link has the whole set, but I only bought the blue).

I then looked for a stencil I wanted to use and found this one that I had cut myself. (If you look you can see how uneven the cutting is :)​

homemade flower stencil

I also have not been using the real modeling paste as it is quite expensive and I discovered that spackle or joint compound works just as well. (aside from being quite a bit cheaper)

Instead of just using the spackle and then coloring it, I mixed it with paint. I started with 2 greens and then used yellow and red as well.​

mixing acrylic paint with joint compound
acrylic paint mixed with joint compound

I slathered the different colors of paint mixed with spackle through the stencil, holding it down to get the flowers & the stems at the same time.

slathering joint compund mixed with paint through flower stencil

After I carefully removed it, I added the birds and butterflies through some other homemade stencils I had.

When dry I added green to the stems that got other color on them and added some embellishment.

stage 1 of flower stencil and joint compound
stage 2 of flower stencil and joint compound
stage 3 of flower stencil and joint compound

I hope you can see the dimension of the paint/spackle.

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Anne Aitken Andersonan says January 20, 2017

I like your stencils. I am thinking about making some of my own. Just have to figure out how to do it!

    Faigie says January 20, 2017

    Thanks Anne. What I do is get images online that I like and I buy the stencil material from Amazon and cut them on a cutting mat with an xacto knife. I had bought a stencil cutting machine but, its not so easy to use and you have to use it on glass.

Gloria J Zucaro says January 20, 2017

What a great idea to use spackle instead of a more expensive art medium! And then to incorporate the paint into the spackle rather than painting afterward. very clever. Nice job.

    Faigie says January 21, 2017

    Thank you…I’m sure I saw the idea somewhere..I doubt I’m such a genius to have though of it on my own 🙂

Cath Sheard says January 21, 2017

I love the fact the stencil is hand cut – that’s so cool. The final effect is great – I *can* see the texture.

    Faigie says January 21, 2017

    Thanks Cath I wasn’t so happy it hadnt cut so smoothly, but I guess there is a benefit to it

Nathalie Kalbach says January 28, 2017

I love what you did here- so much dimension- gorgeous!!!

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