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Inspired by Jodi Ohl

painted image of imaginary girl

Jodi Ohl is a master at whimsical creatures so her video was all about creating a whimsical creature using certain media.

This was realllllly out of my comfort zone. I'm trying to go through most of the videos and try something from each artist, but I almost skipped this one because it was so intimidating. Instead I took myself by the lapels and said "Faigie, you're a big take this as a challenge" ...and I listened.​

Jodi did her creature on gesso board which I did not have so I just gessoed a journal page. I then just started drawing a circle for a face and added parts as they came to me. As I drew and through of creature I was thinking of E.T. so I ended up giving my creature antennas, large ears and added some flying saucers to the scene.

I then took a watercolor brush and brushed all the pencil areas to give it shading. (I love that look)​

drawing of martian look girl with stabilo on gessoed paper

Jodi used distress crayons to color in her creature as they are water soluble and she was able to blend them. I saw that I had koi brush markers and had never used them with water so decided to give it a try. I managed to fill up the whole page by coloring a bit with the markers and then blending with a brush.

painted martian looking girl with big ears

You're then supposed to finish it up with a non soluble black pen. I started with a pitt pen but, it wasn't working so well so I switch to a permapaque dual tip black marker

curly hair added to martian looking girl

When I finished using the marker I looked at my creature and thought that it certainly looked like a creature, but I'm not so sure how whimsical it was. So I decided to add more hair, cover up the big ears and antennas and cover up my ufo. Now they can just be gold donuts floating around in the sky.

ainted image of imaginary girl

It ended up not being as scary as I thought it would be and I really like the look of dark black marker over the watercolors.

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Cath S says January 22, 2017

I think she’s great! Love her hair.

    Faigie says January 22, 2017

    🙂 Thanks…Well I’m certainly glad I got rid of those ears

Gloria J Zucaro says January 22, 2017

This is so much fun! I am glad you decided to do it!

Janet says January 23, 2017

I LOVE this, Faigie! And I love that you shared your steps and thought process. I have yet to try this, but it is next on my list. The use of gold caught my eye too…it looks great! So fun!

    Faigie says January 23, 2017

    Thanks so much Janet. I happen to love gold and ALL metallics.I want to try to incorporate it into lots of my work

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