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Inspired by Marsha Valk

abstract mixed media piece of black background

This was a REAL jumpstart for me.

I joined Creativity Jumpstart 2017 for the first time. It is a paid course with 24 artists presenting each day. All of us who joined are encouraged to create based on inspiration from the artist of that particular video/day.

Today was the first day and I enjoyed watching the video by Marsha Valk but, my feeling was...Hey! There's no directions, just watching her create really cool artwork. There was no way I was going to try to create anything like she did.

I then hopped over to the show and tell page where participants can ​upload the artwork they created and started looking through the submissions. And guess what? I got inspired by another participants post Katy Leitch from the U.K.

I realized that I only need to concentrate on some basic things and could create art with those points.

The points I took out of the video were:

  1. Start with a black background
  2. Add vivid color
  3. Add collage elements
  4. Add white dots and writing
  5. Use circles

So that's what I did.

I painted an 11x14 canvas panel black. Used some old, painted papers to cut up and add to the piece. Threw on some gold glitter that I found while rummaging through my closet and added a big, bright, magenta circle.

As I  looked at it I realized that it looked like a Universe. So I googled universe quotes and found this one quite appropriate "Nothing Happens Until Something Moves". That something was ME.

So I  moved and I continued adding washi tape, white dots and gold dots and then I was done.

I couldn't believe I actually had created something inspired by that video.

Looking forward to the next ones.

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Nathalie Kalbach says January 3, 2017

Beautiful panel- so happy you jumped ! thank you for being part of CJS17!

Gloria J Zucaro says January 3, 2017

You did great! Isn’t it fun?! I was overwhelmed, too. I thought, gee, that video went by so quickly! Where are the instructions? So like you I watched it a couple of times, got the main points and forged on. I love what you did and what a great idea to find a quote that applied to your specific artwork.

    Faigie says January 3, 2017

    Thanks Gloria. It really is a great way to learn to take main points like you said and forge on. And I did a quote cuz I thought Marsha did 🙂 but, all you have to do is google a topic and you get inundated with quotes.

marsha. says January 3, 2017

Hahaha! Nope, I don’t do directions ;-). Well… sometimes I do, but when it comes to CJS, that’s about inspiration and trying something out of your comfort zone! And… I think it worked!!! I’m so glad you did your own thing! Thanks for sharing!

    Faigie says January 3, 2017

    Yes Marsha it really was out of my comfort zone but, it was a good learning experience to take parts of your video and not to think I had to do it all.

Cath Sheard says January 3, 2017

How cool that you were inspird by another jumpers work. I think you’ve done a great job 🙂

    Faigie says January 4, 2017

    Thanks Cath. I was actually inspired by her post about her work 🙂 to go do some work myself. I had no plans to until I read her post.

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