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Inspired by Mystele Kirkeeng

mixed media. Woman behind white fence holding flowers

This is my second piece done from inspiration from Creative Jumpstart 2017. The artist was Mystele Kirkeeng and her style is a folk art mashup. She basically collaged all kinds of materials onto her background and them painted over them  using a face as a focal point. She instructed us to see what we can incorporate from our collage pieces into our backgrounds.

This was as my first piece from this series, a real leap of faith for me. One of the hardest things is to give up on the fact that the face is  not supposed to look realistic at all (even though I probably can't make it look realistic anyway) :).

It's also comforting to watch how Mystele did her piece as there are literally no rules.

I started by collecting various pieces of collage papers.​

collage pieces to use for background

I then decided to use an old portrait I had taken (centuries ago from when I was a portrait photographer) as a background. As I started pasting down my pieces I decided I was going to leave his eyes to incorporate into my piece. (This actually made my person smaller than I originally wanted)

old portrait to be covered up for mixed media background

I collaged everything down with matte medium and left the eyes in.

collaged background with ephemera

I had absolutley no idea where I was going with this piece

I started by drawing the outline of the face leaving in the eyes and just went from there. It ended up being a lady with a hat, in a garden, behind a fence, holding a bouquet of flowers and watering the flowers.

I added buttons with buttons punched from a craft puncher and flowers on the hat with a puncher as well. I didn't get to leave in as much of the collaged pieces as I though I would. The flowers in the garden are kind of there and a peeking through the fence  is a piece of the bicycle. But, as Mystele says...It's all O.K.

I also may end up adding and fixing to it as time goes on. (If I do I will post the update)

mixed media. Woman behind white fence holding flowers

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Anne Aitken Andersonan says January 5, 2017

Amazing what happens while making this project! Love it!

Cath Sheard says January 6, 2017

Love the way you left the boy’s eyes showing through. I’m with you, thank heavens it didn’t need to be realistic!!

    Faigie says January 22, 2017

    If it had to be realistic I probably wouldn’t have done it 🙂

Gloria J Zucaro says January 6, 2017

I love what you did here. How clever to leave the eyes peeking through.

    Faigie says January 22, 2017

    Thanks…I’m not so sure I’m going to end up leaving the eyes in

Nathalie Kalbach says January 6, 2017

Love how you collaged the background and used the eyes of the old portrait photo as a guide for your new painting. Thank you so much for being part of CJS and for sharing !

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