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Make a mess & paint around it

I got this idea from a video I saw done with Dina Wakely. I first did this using the simple shape of a flower as seen below but, after it was done I liked the idea so much I decided to use a bit more of an elaborate image to paint around.

The idea of this activity is basically to do all kinds of fun painting, collaging, stamping making what looks like a mess and then draw a basic shape on top, and paint around it leaving the shape exposed with all the cool stuff underneath. 

  • I chose 3 colors of acrylic paint and made a couple of tints with white
  • Using those colors I painted some shapes with a paintbrush
  • I then took some stencils and painted thru the stencils and dabbed some paint off with alcohol thru a stencil (I used some of the stencils I bought from stencil girl prodcucts)
  • I added a different color and did the same
  • I then took a neutral color and painted over thru stencils over some of my painted shapes
  • I put down some masks and sprayed over them with some spray ink
  • I took the wet mask from the spraying and laid it down somewhere on the page
  • I took some ripped paper from an old book sprayed it with ink, glued it down and wrote on it with exaggerated writing.
  • I put a stencil over it and dabbed in some paint
  • I then took a black stabilo ´╗┐pencil and drew a shape over the whole page. The first time  I did a simple flower (which you can see above) and the second time I did a simple city landscape. I then painted black all around which allows the grungy background to show thru.
  • In the flower picture I added some white circle stamping and in the city one it looked like it needed a moon to me so I cut one out from gold paper I had and stuck it on

Above were the basic steps I followed but, if you see there is no real formula, you can just paint, stamp, stencil and collage any way you like, create a shape and then paint around. Real simple. Any questions? Ask below

Pinnable image below

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