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Making and Using Homemade Masks

I got this idea from Dina Wakely who  is a well known mixed media artist and teacher. For this page I used a homemade mask. 

To make a mask, look for a picture of a person (or anything else you like) from a magazine or from a printout. Then take packing tape and cover both sides of the image. Cut it out and you have a waterproof mask.

A mask is the opposite of a stencil. When using a stencil you paint or spray inside a shape while a mask is the shape itself and you spray around it. (masks are the inside part of cut out stencils). To make the  mask for the page above I cut a model out of a fashion magazine,.

  • I used a 2 page spread in a large dylusional journal I was using
  • I placed the woman 4 different times in a row across the spread.
  • I sprayed  one, wiped off the mask and then sprayed another few colors of ink over the mask each time I put it down.
  • Once the ink was dry I was able to add stuff to the empty spaces that I had masked off.
  • On the first one I stamped some images and then colored in parts of it. The second I collaged bits of fabric to give an illusion of a dress. The third one was random writing and the fourth one was a bit different.
  • I had noticed that the masks were full of ink after I sprayed so I turned over the mask onto the last empty spot on the page, getting a bunch of the green onto the page before spraying a bit over it. I  then made circles with my favorite white pen.
  • I then outlined some and did some other random things around the page.

I got so excited with this method of making my own masks that I started making a bunch more and below are some of the people masks I created. Make sure when you choose images for this that the arms and legs are not close to the body otherwise you won't see the outlines.

Pinnable image below

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