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How to make rubbing stamping activites more efficient

assortment of rubber stamps

I don't know how many stamps you have but, my collection has been growing and I never seem to remember what I have in which drawer. (I keep them in a movable  plastic cabinet with 3 drawers). When I noticed the idea somewhere of how to keep a record of your stamps I thought it was brilliant.

As I was getting ready to do so..I found this binder with sheet protectors in it but, you can just use individual sheet protectors and a binder. 

binder with empty plastic pages

You are then going to make a record of every stamp you have by stamping it on a sheet of paper.

I used a standard black ink  pad and stamped each stamp onto a piece of paper. I keep my stamps in some basic order, like animals, growing things, etc and stamped them on the papers in the same way I store them. This way with one glance you can see what stamps you own and which you can use.

images of nature stamps
images of nature stamps
images of random stamped images
animal stamped images
butterfly stamped images

I even added my homemade stamps even though they do look a bit embarrassing next to the store bought ones don't they?

homemade stamped images

I then slipped the pages into the sheet protectors in the binder and Voila! There I now have a record of all the stamps I own.

stamped images in binder

Of course, as I add to my collection I will stamp them and store them. This will make your stamping activities easier and more efficient.

If you have lots of time and want to have fun then go ahead and do them in color as well.​ You may as well make a project out of it if you'd like. 🙂

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dewmsz says November 5, 2016

thank you. I use this technique for new stencils and when I mix colors I paint a sample. It is nice to go through and spark some ideas. I had not thought of this for the stamps. btw…I LIKE your home made stamps! That is the look I want for my art…not the sameness of machine made. 🙂

    Faigie says November 6, 2016

    Why thanks for that vote of confidence for my stampmaking 🙂 and that IS a good idea to use for stencils as well…thanks for the tip

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