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Painting and masking

This class is usually a beginning class in art journaling  to get everyone used to many of the processes used in art journaling. This is an activity I often do at my art parties.

We used stencils to create marks, we added watered down paint and dripped it down our pages, we stamped with bottle covers and bristle blocks and a variety of other things.

Everyone then chose a couple of masks (masks are the inside of stencils that you lay down over a page and paint around)

They then painted around their masks. When they lifted up their masks the painting and mess making that they did on their original page showed through. I often use black for this step as it is more dramatic and when you write on top of it the colors pop more. They then used a variety of pens that I have that write on black to add to their pictures..

In the image below the woman decided to reverse my directions and she traced around her masks and then painted She then added the feet stamp and some writing.

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