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How to Store Your Stencils

jewelry holder to use for stencils

I'm pretty sure I saw this idea for stencil storage in a video by Carolyn Dube. I think it's pure genius. The best thing about it is that you have a place to put your stencils after using them when they are wet. They used to get stuck to each other or on the table and now I just hang them up.

I used to keep them in plastic sleeves but, it became a big pain to put them in and out. This way of storing stencils is so easy it makes using them a snap. 

You'll need a jewelry stand. (which is what you see above) The only one I see on Amazon has 3 tiers, which wouldn't work since the stencils would bang into each other. I found mine in a local discount store called Amazing Savings.

You'll then need plastic ​j hooks. (I'm not putting a link here because I'm not 100% sure of the size you'll need depending on the size of your jewelry stand. Mine were actually a bit small and to get them to fit on the stand I have to cut into them a small amount)

plastic j hooks for putting on stencils

You can see where it's uneven where I cut into it. 

They are peel and stick so all you have to do is find a spot to stick it on and your'e done.​

j hook on a stencil

I can't tell you how much easier it's made dealing with stencils.

stencils with j hooks hanging on jewelry rack

A view from the top.

overhaed view of stencils hanging on jewelry rack

The stand I bought actually came with 2, one large and one small which is perfect as I use one for my larger stencils and one for the small.

If you can't find a jewelry stand I'll bet you can figure something else out that you have at home. When you do I'd love to see it.​

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Wanda Dickey says October 10, 2017

None of the storage solutions I’ve seen address the need for storing lage stencils. I have 18 x18 and12 x24 inch stencils. Am searching for a source for zip-lock type bags large enough to hold the larger stencils. Any help??🤗

    Faigie says October 18, 2017

    Wow! Those are really large. I have cut up some of my larger stencils but, If I had alot of them I would maybe get a drawer for larger artwork. I would go to amazon and google storage for large artwork…I’m sure you can find something that is large enough since artwork can be very large

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