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Stencilled Doodles

stenciled doodled abstract art

This idea is a great combination for those of you that love to doodle but, need more of a structure for it. The image below is what it looked like before the doodles. I got this idea from Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl Products.

orange yellow background with templates on top ready for doodling
  • I picked 2 analogous colors (that are next to each other on the color wheel) and painted my 11x14 bristol board
  • I then took some cheap, cardboard icon stencils and made overlapping designs all over the page.I used a black sharpie.( If you don't have stencils you can use anything in your home that makes a shape you like like lid covers, cd's etc)
  • I then doodled different designs in each space. I doodled in each space made by the overlapping shapes.
  • I chose silver, gold and black to doodle with and I actually like the way the silver showed up best. The white uniball pens are actually awesome for writing over dark paint and is a favorite of mixed media artists.
  • Try to fill up all of your spaces and don't limit yourself to the colors and shapes I used.

Pinnable image below

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